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Green Technology

Green Technology

Green Water Technology is a hot issue today because of over 100,000 toxic chemicals that are in production today which can negatively impact human health and the environment. Green Chemistry is the process by which the use of hazardous materials can be reduced and possibly eliminated from the beginning of the lifecycle rather than being dealt with at the end of their lifecycle.

Green chemistry encourages cleaner industrial processes and ensures that manufacturers take responsibility for the products that they produce from cradle to grave. Green products are being developed that reduce or eliminate the use of generation of hazardous substances in several phases: 1) when companies manufacture the products, 2) when the products are consumed, and when the products are disposed of.

Companies that are making greener choices are noticing the economic benefits. These businesses are reducing the cost of chemicals, thus reducing the cost of toxic waste management.

Green water treatment solutions are beneficial for both Aqua-Serv Engineers customers and our environment.

Green Initiatives

  • Green InitiativesDeveloping partnerships with customers to identify opportunities for energy and water savings and implementing programs to achieve these goals.
  • Green InitiativesOptimizing chemical treatment programs to address water and energy conservation.
  • Green InitiativesUsing cutting edge technology utilized with environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Green InitiativesAddressing and applying the EPA’s twelve principles of green chemistry.
  • Green InitiativesUtilizing web-based controllers with feed verification to optimize operating conditions for maximum water and energy savings.
  • Green InitiativesDelivery options for hands off chemical handling to reduce accidents or exposure.
  • Green InitiativesClassification of chemical technologies as “Green Chemistry” based on the issues of the EPA and LEED Program.
  • Green InitiativesUtilizing durable, reusable, and recyclable raw materials in our products, whenever possible.
  • Green InitiativesUsing raw materials that are less harmful than other alternatives.