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Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. provides water doctor "house calls" for all your water treatment systems. Depending on the level of service you require, one of our H2ODR's will visit your facility on a regular basis.

Technical Service

Professional consulting services, routine on-site service calls, operator training, and written reports with recommendations.

Full Service

"Turn-key" operation, no on-site operators required, chemicals mixed on-site, no container disposal required. Written service reports and recommendations made on each visit.

Lab Service

In-depth lab analyses of water, deposits, bio-fouling, and metallurgical studies.

Customer Service

Eager to help, our customer service department will assist you in getting your immediate needs satisfied. From placing your orders, to obtaining technical support for your questions, the customer service department will make the arrangements.

Special Delivery Service

Heavy-metal recovery is our specialty, but we also carry a full line of coagulants, flocculants, and sludge dewatering aids.