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Water Treatment Services

Lab Service

Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. Lab Services can recommend and/or develop products based on lab analyses.

Key Benefits

  • Water Treatment Conveniently located at our Fontana, CA headquarters
  • Water Treatment All lab services available, including wet and dry analysis, metallurgical studies, resin evaluations, and pilot cooling tower and boiler chemical studies
  • Water Treatment Full research and development capabilities
  • Water Treatment All laboratory procedures are available to investigate problems caused by scale deposition, corrosion, and/or microbiological fouling. Let our lab help you identify the problem areas and provide a solution to insure optimum performance
  • Water Treatment The Technical Services Laboratory provides analytical and technical support
  • Water Treatment The Quality Control Laboratory tests and certifies each production batch to insure the products will perform as specified
  • Water Treatment The Research and Development Laboratory is the birth-place of many new chemical applications. Fully equipped with the latest technology in control equipment, our pilot cooling tower and steam boiler are the proven tools to develop new products for diverse applications. We can import your water and run actual studies of product performance to guarantee you receive the chemical program best suited for your systems.