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Technical Service

Water Treatment Services

Technical Service

Our technical service representatives work with your engineers to insure chemicals are being applied properly. Regular on-site testing is performed at the time of each visit with written reports detailing observations and recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Water Treatment Regularly scheduled service calls
  • Water Treatment Written recommendations to improve costs, water and energy conservation
  • Water Treatment Insure that on-site personnel's test equipment is accurate and reagents are fresh

Regularly scheduled service calls

At your specified interval, your technical representative will visit your site, obtain water samples from each of your systems treated with Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. products, and run a chemical analysis. A written service report will be generated on-site and reviewed with your operating personnel. Recommendations for equipment upgrades, chemical injection adjustments, and methods for overall improvement will be provided.

Inventory control

Your technical representative will keep a running inventory of your water treatment products and make recommendations on economic order quantities. Automatic deliveries may be set up through blanket purchase orders to provide just-in-time delivery.

Technical consulting

Our technical service department has accumulated centuries of practical application experience with water treatment systems. With our modern communication system between field representatives, problems can be solved now, rather than "I'll get back to you on that".