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Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. provides water doctor service visits for all your water treatment systems. Depending on the level of service you require, one of our highly-experienced technicians will visit your facility on a regular basis.

Technical Service


Our technical service representatives work with your engineers to insure chemicals are being applied properly. Regular on-site testing is performed at the time of each visit with written reports detailing observations and recommendations.

Key Benefits​:

  • Regularly scheduled service calls

  • Written recommendations to improve costs, water and energy conservation

  • Insure that on-site personnel's test equipment is accurate and reagents are fresh

Regularly scheduled service calls

At your specified interval, your technical representative will visit your site, obtain water samples from each of your systems treated with Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. products, and run a chemical analysis. A written service report will be generated on-site and reviewed with your operating personnel. Recommendations for equipment upgrades, chemical injection adjustments, and methods for overall improvement will be provided.


Inventory control

Your technical representative will keep a running inventory of your water treatment products and make recommendations on economic order quantities. Automatic deliveries may be set up through blanket purchase orders to provide just-in-time delivery.


Technical consulting

Our technical service department has accumulated centuries of practical application experience with water treatment systems. With our modern communication system between field representatives, problems can be solved now, rather than "I'll get back to you on that".

Full Service


Aqua-Serv's© Full Service Department provides "turn-key" water treatment programs for your facilities.

Key Benefits​:

  • No inventory requirements - chemicals are blended on site

  • No containers to dispose of - all products are stored in permanent containers at the point of use

  • Control equipment installations, modifications, and system clean-outs


No other water treatment company offers the true full service capabilities that Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. provides.


Regularly  Scheduled Service Calls

Regularly scheduled service calls with full water analysis, written reports, and recommendations for improvement. No inventory is required as the full service representative mixes the product on-site.


Control Equipment Installation

Need a new control system? Your full service representative has the capability to deliver, install, and start up the equipment. All hangers, brackets, plumbing, and wiring will be provided.

Cleanup Services

Has your last chemical vendor left you with a scaled steam boiler, a muddy cooling tower, and a fouled condenser? Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc. full service team can acid wash boilers, clean out cooling tower basins, and brush condenser tubes. This frees your staff to continue on routine maintenance projects.

Lab Sevice


Aqua-Serv's© Full Service Department provides "turn-key" water treatment programs for your facilities.

Key Benefits​:

  • Conveniently located at our Fontana, CA headquarters

  • All lab services available, including wet and dry analysis, metallurgical studies, resin evaluations, and pilot cooling tower and boiler chemical studies

  • Full research and development capabilities

  • All laboratory procedures are available to investigate problems caused by scale deposition, corrosion, and/or microbiological fouling. Let our lab help you identify the problem areas and provide a solution to insure optimum performance

  • The Technical Services Laboratory provides analytical and technical support

  • The Quality Control Laboratory tests and certifies each production batch to insure the products will perform as specified

  • The Research and Development Laboratory is the birth-place of many new chemical applications. Fully equipped with the latest technology in control equipment, our pilot cooling tower and steam boiler are the proven tools to develop new products for diverse applications. We can import your water and run actual studies of product performance to guarantee you receive the chemical program best suited for your systems.

Customer Service


Eager to help, our customer service department will assist you in getting your immediate needs satisfied. From placing your orders, to obtaining technical support for your questions, the customer service department will make the arrangements.

Key Benefits​:

  • Fast Response

  • Friendly

  • Non-Automated

  • Dedicated

  • Reliable

  • Go the "Extra Mile"

  • Competent

  • Goal Oriented

  • Empathetic

  • Skilled

  • Personable

The Personal Touch

At Aqua-Serv© Engineers, Inc., we keep the "personal touch" alive and well. No matter what the reason for your call, we'll be able to put you in touch with a real live person that will do his or her best to provide you with a solution.


Deal with People

Our phones are always answered by a real, live person during normal business hours. The receptionist can interpret the urgency of your request and put you in touch with the party you need within minutes. No more waiting for telephone menu selections or finding the proper voice mail box.


Order Accuracy

How many times have you received a mis-ordered product because of data entry errors (either by you or a data entry person)? Speaking with a real live person can alleviate those keypunch errors.


Need Compliance Assistance or Duplicate Documentation?

A simple phone call for product bulletins, MSD sheets, or duplicate invoices is all you need. List your requests with one of our professionals and your needs can be met by mail, fax, or overnight delivery.


Service You Can Trust

We are confident our qualified team will provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.



Heavy-metal recovery is our specialty, but we also carry a full line of coagulants, flocculants, and sludge dewatering aids.

Key Benefits​:

  • No chemical handling by your employees

  • No storage required for pails and drums of products

  • No container disposal or return

  • Reduces or eliminates Worker's Comp Claims if a drum falls on someone


Our SDS service can deliver to virtually any physical location. Rather than using a tank truck that requires close proximity to the containers, we transfer chemicals from portable containers into your permanently placed tanks.


Hands Free Chemical Handling

Operators and employees have a safer working environment since they don't have to transport, pour, or apply hazardous chemicals.


No Drum Disposal Issues

Maintain more space in the dumpsters and avoid environmental infractions


Reduced Inventory Storage Space

Larger container sizes take less floor space and reduce inventory costs thanks to "just in time" deliveries.

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